About Us

“Safety and quality efficiently delivered.”

Mission: To protect everyone working in the industrial field with the quality of safety that every life deserves, in the most efficient way that innovation provides.

Incresco Safety (formerly trading as TWW Enterprise) operates with two words in mind: quality and service efficiency.  We realize that as the economic industry evolved, quality (hence safety) has too often been sacrificed in the name of cost reduction. Here in Incresco, we keep our integrity in both.

We understand and hold highly efficiency in resources, including cost and time, as the drive that keeps innovation going. For every requirement of yours, it would be our pleasure to listen to what you need and advise the best solution. It is against our moral values to sell our products at a price which we ourselves do not perceive to have the correct value-for-money. At the same time, we focus on quality, as we believe that with it comes the real valuable investment of protecting lives, comfort at work, durability, and ultimately long-term efficiency. We do not hesitate to work the extra mile to provide you that stronger button from across the continent if it means real safety and protection for you.

All values in our products are guided by more than 20 years of industry expertise of our Directors. Operations are based in Singapore and supported by strong integration and distribution channels throughout Asia. Keeping the safety of our clients as our top priority, we supply a wide range of internationally-certified and tested industrial workwear and safety equipment.

Our Culture

With our commitment to both quality and efficiency, Incresco adopts a culture of continuous learning and improvement, keeping us agile in delivering the best solution to industry needs.

Our Mission

To be consistent in supplying the industry with the best solution of industrial workwear and safety equipment.

Our Vision

To be the excellent provider of industrial workwear and safety equipment in Asia in both products and services.